Fire in a storage tank, or in its surrounding boundaries can be a challenge to fire fighters as well as tank operators. The value of the contents makes the provision of fire protection commercially viable, while the risk to life makes it essential. A Foam Induction System discharges the expanded foam into an enclosed space or around the fire hazard. 

In a country like the Maldives with low lying,  isolated islands it’s very important to keep fuel storage systems protected, especially for resorts and residential areas. This is an important part of storing fuel as in case of an emergency the bund wall, surrounding the storage device encloses the fire and contains the situation. Each pipe connected to a tank is a potential source of a major leak. In the event of an emergency it is important to be able to safely isolate the contents of the tank. Isolation should be fire-safe, i.e capable of maintaining a leak-proof seal under anticipated fire exposure. 

We celebrate in being able to raise fire safety awareness and being able to successfully install over 100 fuel storage protection systems all around the Maldives.